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Digital marketing can be difficult. It requires planning, analysis, and a willingness to experiment.

Success lies in understanding your target audience, crafting compelling messages and delivering these messages through the right channels at the right time with careful measurement.

Meet John,

The Marketing Expert

Hey, this is John, Founder and Principal at J. Walker Marketing and a dedicated Marketer since the ‘90s. I’ve worked for known global companies like Hershey’s and for small, clever ones like Lancaster County Coffee Roasters.

Here are some real results from real clients:
291% return on targeted media investment
44% increase in conversions for a paid search campaign
50% increase in organic traffic after SEO program
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J. Walker by the numbers




Yearly Traffic
(Client Websites)


Traffic Increase
from SEO


Client Project


Get Results-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions.

Whether you need to improve your search engine ranking, attract qualified leads with targeted ads, or optimize your website for better conversions, I've got you covered.


Get clarity, reach your dream customers, and see results.

Search Engine Optimization

Get clarity, reach your dream customers, and see results.

Digital Advertising

Get clarity, reach your dream customers, and see results.

Marketing Strategy

Get clarity, reach your dream customers, and see results.
Case Studies

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A comprehensive look at how our Strategic Marketing Tactics have made a positive impact on the Businesses we've worked with in the past.
See how J. Walker Marketing has grown client businesses.

44% Increase in Conversions from Google Ads

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291% Return on Targeted Media Investment

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Don’t just take my word for it

Hear from some of my amazing clients
John is a visionary and strategist. He consistently impresses clients with his ability to anticipate and execute on their needs.
Mike Wetzel
The Hershey Company
John is a delight to work with. He is knowledgeable in many facets of digital marketing and has served as a trusted advisor to our agency team and to our clients.
Megan Dunne
Beacon Digital Marketing
John was very helpful in getting my marketing team up and running. Given the improvement of our ROI under his guidance, his services paid for themselves!
Julien Godbarge
Rileighs Outdoor Décor
One of John’s greatest strengths is active listening and breaking down problems into easy-to-understand, manageable parts. I could not recommend a better resource for the marketing and strategic needs for firms both large and small.
Chris Byerly
Flagger Force
J. Walker Marketing is quick, efficient, and effective. We highly value their knowledge of search marketing. John's plain-spoken explanations and measured demeanor make it much easier to understand what is happening and why, so we can optimize campaigns with confidence. We highly recommend John Walker.
Mary Vergenes
Cup O Content

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