44% Increase in Conversions from Google Ads

Project Duration:
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The Challenge

J. Walker Marketing helped a B2B services company turn around a low-performing Google Ads campaign. Costs were high and conversions were low.

The Approach

First we researched new search terms and reviewed the performance of current ones. Then we activated a refreshed portfolio of search terms. Next, we used a mix of match types to calibrate which kind of search queries would be targeted with ads. Then we used negative keywords for further fine-tuning and we optimized the campaign weekly.

The Impact

The result was a 44% increase in conversions, a 12% decrease in cost-per-click, and a 45% decrease in cost-per-conversion. The client’s response was, “The services of J. Walker Marketing paid for themselves.”

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John Walker
Founder & Principal, J. Walker Marketing
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