From Small Businesses
to Fortune 500s

— With over 30 years of experience, J. Walker Marketing has helped countless businesses succeed with marketing.

After spending many years in Pennsylvania raising three kids, I made the decision to move back to New York City to start another phase of life, one where the possibilities of this big city have energized me.

My journey in marketing began in the nineties and has been an evolution, spanning roles from account executive to marketing director, culminating in my current position as a consultant.

If you ask colleagues what I’m like to work with, they would tell you that I bring energy and enthusiasm to every project. But more importantly, they know they can count on me to listen closely and pull my weight to get things done.

I’m a marketing consultant who can help you use digital marketing to find opportunities and grow them. What I like about digital marketing is the detective work of understanding what’s happening behind the scenes and below the surface. I scrutinize the footprints left by visitors to your website, I study clues about how your website appears on search engines, and I help you identify customers and deliver messages to them.

I’ve also started two businesses so I know that the best marketing solutions are simple ones that yield results quickly. In my own time, I’m an aspiring writer who spends as much time as possible with family at a remote cabin in the Adirondack Mountains.

How I can Help You?

I can help you develop a marketing plan to elevate your company, or your new product or service. This may include analysis, audience definition, positioning, media planning or budget projections.

I can augment your team with services in the areas of Analytics, Google Ads and SEO. For Analytics, I’ll provide detailed and insightful reporting on marketing campaign performance; for Google Ads, I’ll plan and activate campaigns, optimize them, then provide performance reports; and for SEO, I’ll deliver robust analysis and strategy for even the largest and most complex websites to set up your content team to move the needle with new organic traffic.

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