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Drawing on experience working with global marketers like The Hershey Company, DuPont and Procter & Gamble, I offer decades of marketing expertise that is now focused on working with Agencies and B2B clients on Search Marketing, Google Ads, and Analytics.


Based in New York City, I bring specific marketing experience in: professional services, building industries, architecture and design, legal, non-profits, and SaaS.

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Strategic direction for all marketing activities.


Strategic direction for all marketing activities.


Plan, launch and promote this non-profit, live-event brand.


Digital Campaign Strategy and Analytics

Ten thousand villages

Fractional CMO


Google Ads Campaign



Analytics Consultant and

Podcast Host

Marketing results
you can take to the bank

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Generated 105,937 Pageviews for an Online Visualizer 
J. Walker Marketing helped a national building-products company launch an online visualizer. The visualizer enables homeowners to see what homes look like with new siding. Using a combination of Google display ads, Pinterest promoted pins, and YouTube pre-roll video ads, the campaign targeted homeowners in select U.S. cities.


What does 105,937 pageviews look like in a Google Analytics report? Call me. I'll show you.

291% Return on Marketing Investment
J. Walker Marketing helped a home-services company identify an unmet need with their customers- one that competitors had not seen. We secured an incremental $12,000 for marketing, then developed a media plan targeted by zip code using outbound email, geo-fenced advertising, and public relations to reach customers with a unique marketing message.


The result was $35,000 in incremental sales from 158 entirely new customers.


Customer Acquisition for a New Non-Profit
J. Walker Marketing worked with the leadership of a local non-profit to identify a new audience segment they had never directly served before. We then wrote a business plan for a whole new business model to address these customers.


Rather than offering services for free and relying on fundraising to pay the bills as the non-profit had done before, the business plan used an event-based model where users would pay to participate. And rather than just rely on word-of-mouth to sell tickets, the plan included strong marketing. We launched the program in January 2020 and ran into COVID-19 in March which caused us to pivot quickly to online.


We moved live events to Zoom and proceeded aggressively. The results were less than projected for a non-pandemic world, but strong nonetheless. We built an online audience of 385 people from 18 U.S. states and Canada; we opened new marketing channels like Google Ads, and we gained $20,000 in incremental revenue.

44% Increase in Conversions from a Google Ads Campaign
J. Walker Marketing got a call from a B2B company struggling with a Google Ads campaign. Conversions were low and costs were high. We started by carefully researching search terms and editing them. Next, we used a mix of match types to calibrate which kind of search queries would be targeted with ads. Then we used negative keywords for further fine-tuning and we checked the campaign weekly to make adjustments.


The result was a 44% increase in conversions, a 12% decrease in cost-per-click, and a 45% decrease in cost per conversion. After, the client said, “The services of J. Walker Marketing paid for themselves.”

Summer Camp Registrations: $21,280 Generated in 17 Days
Kids like summary camps and so do parents. But in the waning months of COVID, going to camp was not a given. That’s why it was gratifying to help a local non-profit sell 76 camp registrations in 17 days using a Google Ads campaign. The campaign targeted select counties based on prior camp registrations and delivered ads against camp-related keywords.


Overall the campaign generated approximately $21,280 in gross revenue at a cost-per-acquisition of $21.28. The client's feedback? "Whatever we’re doing is working!”

Let’s talk about how you can get these types of results for your next marketing campaign.

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