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Meet Becca Grunder. She's a Marketing Up-and-Comer

How did you get into marketing?

I had an internship during the summer of my junior year where I decided to try a little bit of everything, like social media marketing, public relations, copywriting, and more. I really enjoyed it, and as a communication major I decided that’s what I wanted to do.

What did you find interesting about marketing that drew you to the field?

At first, I loved the creative side of it. As time went on, I started to dig into Google Analytics and learn more about it and other platforms. I found the data part of it fascinating. It helped explain what was effective or not in digital advertising.

What training or courses did you have (if any) that prepared you to work in advertising?

I had a lot of communication courses that helped with writing, and a Google Analytics course also helped prep me for the job I have now. I have to say that knowing Google Analytics was especially valuable.

Are you satisfied with how your college prepared you for the work world?

Actually, not for what I’m doing. Grove City College had a marketing major, but they didn’t have more than a course or two on digital marketing.

What advice would you give to your college about how they could do a better job of preparing future students?

More digital marketing courses. I really think they should branch out more in the marketing department.

What do you look for in an employer? How do employers attract people like you to work there?

The main thing I look at with employers is how they treat employees and what their “cause” is. For instance, Web Talent Marketing has great benefits and they strive to create a great work culture. Their “cause” is that they care about what is best for their clients and want them to succeed. It’s not just about making money for them, and that's something I really admire.

If an employer wanted to attract someone like me to work at their company, I would say a great work culture is a must.

What marketing campaigns do you like? How come?

In Google Ads, I really like search campaigns. It’s interesting to see what people search for, and how we can show off our clients to interested users.

What direction do you see yourself going in the world of marketing? How come?

I would love to round out my skills in digital marketing and get to know SEO practices better. The field is really interesting to me, and it is more relevant than ever.

If you could have one marketing super power, what would it be?

Being able to bid perfectly on keywords in Google Ads.

Are you a Mac or PC person?

I’m both!

Bare wrist, analog or smart watch?

Bare wrist – I just use my phone to tell time.

LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram (or some other)?

Instagram for sure!

Favorite app on your phone?

Probably “Dots” – it’s a simple game where you connect a bunch of dots together to get points. It’s a nice brain break from work.

TV show you’ve binged watched recently?

“Pick of the Litter.” It’s a Disney+ show about raising seeing eye dogs. Very cute!

Thanks Becca!

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