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We're here to help you succeed with marketing


Marketing campaigns are levers you pull to bring customers to your door. We'll ensure that your marketing campaigns work smoothly. You get extensive experience in all aspects of digital marketing, and a practical, understandable approach that will enable you to make a realistic plan and then proceed with confidence.


J. Walker Marketing is different because we have a fee-for-service model where there's no incentive to sell you the next marketing campaign or drive up your marketing budget. We focus on your needs and act in your best interests. Think of us as your on-call marketing directors for strategy, digital marketing and consulting.

John Walker

Founder & Principal


Working in Advertising in New York City, I learned from the best. My time at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising taught me the fundamentals of marketing strategy and advertising from Procter & Gamble and Sara Lee.


Moving to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I worked on retail advertising for DuPont's Stainmaster Carpet at Bunting Advertising. Then I started my own digital marketing agency called e-walker serving two main clients: DuPont and Armstrong World Industries. I've also worked as a product manager and digital marketing director. My focus over the last ten years has been digital marketing.


J. Walker Marketing is a chance to put my experience to work helping business owners and marketing leaders succeed. I pride myself on the ability to make marketing understandable and effective, and I enjoy working as a team on challenging projects. So let's get to work!