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Marketing Strategy


Without a marketing plan you're wasting resources


craft a Plan to Succeed

An Instagram post here, an email there with some banner ads thrown in for good measure… that’s not marketing, that’s dabbling and it’s a waste of your resources. If you need a real marketing plan, I can help you build one.

Win New Customers Consistently

The right marketing plan marshals your resources and focuses them on meeting your most important business goals. I’ll help your team gather input from across your enterprise to answer these questions:

  • What are your goals for communications and financials?

  • Are you prepared to win? Does your organization have the tools and people it takes to succeed with marketing? We’ll account for staffing, budgets, culture, willpower, and executive support. And if these are lacking, we’ll address them first.

  • Are you communicating product features as customer benefits? We’ll map how product features translate into customer benefits which leads to messaging.

  • What marketing message will connect with sales prospects? The right message is succinct and motivating for potential customers.

  • Are you budgeting to succeed? We’ll build a budget that aligns with your goals. 

  • Is marketing integrated with sales? Once leads are generated, how will they be handed off to the closers?

  • What’s the media plan? This is where the rubber hits the road- where are you going to advertise and what are the tactics?

  • Are you getting ROI on your marketing investment? We’ll make sure you have the data that shows how the plan is performing.

Some clients need help transforming their marketing team from the inside. For these assignments, J. Walker Marketing offers Fractional CMO Services where we provide an interim marketing manager for your team.

Experience & Expertise 

John has led the development of marketing and media plans for a long list of clients including Ten Thousand Villages, HearthCabinet, The Urban Well, Advanced Metrics, The Whitaker Center, and adidas Wrestling.


John also brings expertise in strategic planning for which he earned a post-graduate certificate from Georgetown University. Through that training, and in his work with clients, he brings knowledge of leading strategic planning approaches from industry, government, and non-profit sectors.


In both of these areas, John strives to use planning engagements to build consensus within organizations around critical areas like goals, staffing, messaging, and budget. And he creates plans that have strategic strength but tactical flexibility for adaptation to changing market conditions.

Want to see how J. Walker Marketing can help you?

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