Marketing Strategy

Marketing has become more challenging as consumer attention spans have fragmented and media choices have proliferated. Today, getting your message to breakthrough takes precise targeting, sometimes all the way down to the mobile device.


Marketing strategy is about your choices- where to focus, which platforms to use, and how much to spend. And making the right choices for your business is critical.


J. Walker Marketing helps you do this by serving as an expert advisor. We don’t sell marketing campaigns and we don’t profit by marking up the cost of services. J. Walker Marketing is a fee-only marketing advisor ready to provide you with reliable, objective marketing advice that will ensure you have the best chance of a strong return on your marketing investment.


Working together, we'll review your unique challenges, define marketing goals, set a budget, and evaluate media options including:

Social media 

Paid digital advertising

Email marketing

Search marketing


We'll support your team as they implement the plan. This may include evaluating media proposals, activating tracking, upgrading marketing platforms or creating new content.

Campaign Measurement

Using data analytics, we'll review your campaign performance to ensure you're getting a strong return on investment. Measures may include:

Media delivery

Click through rates

Website traffic and performance

Lead generation

Marketing Consulting Insights For Success

Success at marketing is critical to your business and the good news is that with the right plan, you will. Decades of marketing experience show that the following are critical to your success.

Your marketing plan: No surprise, but much depends on having the right plan. Are your marketing goals aligned with your business goals? Is it attainable based on your competitive environment and your marketing budget? If you are in a hyper-competitive marketing environment and your competitors spend aggressively, it's likely you'll need to match or exceed their spending.

Your marketing message: A key part of your marketing strategy is your brand's marketing message. Does it break through and drive engagement? To do this it must be relevant to audience interests and it needs to be different from your competitors. Let's not forget that marketing is a battle of the mind and to win, you need to claim mental territory that's not already owned by another brand.

Media Plan: Targeting right is the beginning, and one mistake too many businesses make is targeting too broadly. The best approach is to narrow down the target audience to a small segment where you can have strong impact. Ensuring that your pricing is competitive and your media plan is highly efficient is the next critical factor. Too often the relationship between pricing and media delivery is blurry and media vendors often want it that way. But understanding pricing, delivery, and the efficiency of the media pan is essential to success.


The other critical part of your media plan is which media you choose-- ideally, a mix of paid, owned, and earned media. Social media will be a part of it- both paid and organic. Email marketing may play a role. In terms of search engine optimization, this likely needs to be a big part of your plan, especially if inbound marketing is a strategy (which it is for most B2B businesses). And of course, there are also the traditional marketing tactics to consider including, perhaps, TV, radio, outdoor, and print.

Marketing Budget: In order for your marketing plan to succeed, it's critical that you spend enough in each media flight to achieve an effective reach and frequency. Put another way, why bother marketing at all if your message gets lost in the noise and clutter of other marketing. Your media buy needs to be large enough that it reaches a significant portion of your target audience 8-10 times per media campaign.

Marketing Management: Today, it's critical to test, measure, and evolve as your marketing campaign is implemented. Don't wait until the campaign is done to start looking at marketing results and making improvements. Digital marketing makes this possible because results are readable as soon as the campaign starts. Testing multiple creative executions is a great way to optimize campaigns. So is moving dollars from weaker to stronger markets.

Staffing: The last critical part of how you succeed at marketing is ensuring that you either have skilled staff in the right positions or that you outsource to get the right marketing skills.

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