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Digital marketing is an essential part of your marketing plan. But today there are so many digital marketing platforms and strategies that it’s hard for business owners and marketing directors to know which to choose, how much to spend, or which ones really work. J. Walker Marketing offers insight, planning, and optimization of digital marketing campaigns that come from decades of experience.




and Staff

Setting your digital marketing budget is a challenge because there are strong arguments for many platforms and ROI is not always clear. There is also the question of what to do in-house and what to outsource. We'll help you make good decisions about these questions.

and Media

The right messaging can be the difference between success and failure in digital marketing. And often you need to modify messages between geo-targeted ads, paid search campaigns, and social media. We do this every day and can help you create a messaging matrix that works.

Monitoring and Analytics

Digital marketing analytics takes particular expertise to see the forest through the trees. It also helps to have knowledge of media costs and performance benchmarks so efficiencies can be evaluated and recommendations can be made. Call us. This is what we do.

Digital Marketing Insights

Marketing has gotten more challenging to understand because online marketing is complicated. There are many flavors of it, each requiring a specialist to plan and place it effectively. Plus the pricing for digital media can be blurry.

Which platforms should I use for my digital marketing plan?

Often social media, Facebook especially, is picked as a primary marketing platform. Business owners seem to believe that "online advertising" means Facebook. Additionally, business owners often invest in social media first, sometimes even hiring a person to develop social media content, even when they don’t have a strategic marketing plan. This is a mistake.

There’s a belief that social media is low-cost marketing. But once you hire someone to do it full time, the business has already invested a great deal in annual costs. Next, Facebook has a low reach without paying for advertising there.


So choosing media for your digital marketing plan needs to be part of a thoughtful planning process in which you define marketing goals and then choose strategies that align with those goals. Then you can choose your media from the wide array available online: pay-per-click advertising, digital display ads, geo-targeted mobile marketing, email, inbound (blog posts, etc.) retargeting, SMS marketing, search engine optimization and more.

Digital ad pricing is tricky

To be a smart buyer of digital media, its critical to understand how its priced and there are a variety of ways: Cost-per-thousand impressions for digital display advertising; keyword auctions for Google Ads; completely arbitrary pricing for ads on some B2B websites; for Facebook and Instagram, there's a complicated calculation based on buyer demand, ad location, audience targeting, ad relevance, seasonality, and campaign goals.

Knowing these pricing structures enables you to see if you are getting a fair deal for your money and it enables you to gauge the overall efficiency of your plan by calculating impressions, reach and frequency. If your agency or media seller is not clear about pricing relative to media delivery, that's a problem.

Testing and optimizing your digital marketing campaigns

Digital media is so measurable that it's possible to predict the performance of a campaign, in advance, with some accuracy. That means it's not necessary to just run media to see what happens like we used to do. Today the right approach is to design marketing tests then measure campaigns over time.

For example, you can test different ads to see which get better engagement. You can test multiple subject lines in email to see which get better open rates. You can target different "fences" with geo-targeted ads to see which areas drive more clicks. You can see whether mobile advertising works better than desktop ads. And you can measure campaign performance by time and location to learn what works best.

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