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Your customers are on Google seeking to know, buy, go or do.

Google Ads: Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising allows you to intercept customers searching for your product or service on Google. Google says these customers are seeking to know, buy, go, or do. In other words, they need information and they’re searching for it on Google. Its sometimes referred to as “PPC” which means "pay-per-click” because the advertiser only pays when a click occurs.


J. Walker Marketing provides the expertise and help you need to reach your customers and prospects through paid search advertising. We follow these steps. 

  1. Define your goals: You might simply want to drive more traffic to your website or perhaps you want to increase certain types of conversions like form submissions or even sales. And if you’ve already got a campaign running, you may have specific goals you want to hit like lower cost-per-conversion. The first step is to define these goals clearly.

  2. Pick keywords: “Keywords” are the search words or phrases that your target audience is searching for. For example, a Philadelphia bike shop owner might consider buying keywords and phrases like: “buy a bike,” “bike shops near me,” or “bike shops Philadelphia.” To plan which keywords to buy, we’ll create a target list showing how much search volume each one has and how much it costs to buy a click on it. This enables us to create a realistic media budget to meet your goals.

  3. ​Plan messaging and targeting: We’ll plan what marketing message to use in your ads, and discuss any special features or offers to emphasize; we’ll define where the ad will deliver users on your website or to a landing page; we’ll also plan which geographic area your campaign will target, and how narrowly or broadly you want your keywords to be targeted (this is called match type), and the duration of your campaign.

  4. Activate, measure and optimize: I recommend you start your campaign by casting a wide net in terms of keywords, match types and geography and then, once the campaign begins to perform, we’ll narrow its scope and improve efficiency. We’ll do this for you through regular performance reports and campaign optimization which includes adjusting the ads, refining the keywords, changing keyword match types and, perhaps, narrowing the geography.

Google Ads Campaign Reporting

I keep you informed with regular reporting. Here’s a sample report created using Google Data Studio. This B2C client seeks increased conversions so this report prominently tracks conversions and costs-per-conversion as well as overall clicks and impressions. I’ll create the right report to enable you to track your key performance measures.​

unnamed (1).png

Google Ads Campaign Report: B2C Client with 9.7% increase in Conversions

Experience, Expertise and Platforms

J. Walker Marketing currently manages Google Ads campaigns for a host of clients. Professional certifications include:

  • Google Ads Search Certification

  • Google Ads Display Certification

  • Advanced Google Analytics Certificate


Digital platforms used in these services include:

  • Google Ads

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Data Studio

  • WordPress

Want to see how J. Walker Marketing can help you?

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