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Digital Display Advertising 


Precise targeting. Wide reach. Flexible scheduling. Digital display ads from Google enable you to reach over 90% of internet users on three million websites and apps. These online advertising campaigns can reach exactly the right online audience to build your brand awareness, increase website visits, influence purchase consideration, or promote your new app. 


J. Walker Marketing can help you plan, place, and optimize these powerful online advertising campaigns.




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Digital Ad Advantages

These campaigns reach highly targeted audiences based on location, demographics, and interests.

Budgets for digital display campaigns can be closely managed with start and stop dates and limits on total spending.

These campaigns are fast and flexible with no lag times for media buying and no need to involve media companies as intermediaries.

Lastly, digital display ad campaigns can reach virtually anyone, anywhere with a powerful, relevant ad.

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Awareness. Influence. Purchase.

Digital display ads can be used to build awareness with prospects at the top of the marketing funnel. Audiences can be targeted demographically. Affinity targeting lets advertisers reach audiences based on their interests or lifestyles.


To influence purchase consideration in the middle of the marketing funnel, audiences can be targeted by their intent or by uploading a list of prospects and targeting users with similar characteristics.


At the bottom of the marketing funnel, advertisers can drive sales through remarketing campaigns to prospects who have already visited their site.

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Messaging with Impact

Digital display advertisers can upload prebuilt ads that meet their exact brand standards and messaging guidelines.


Advertisers can also use responsive display ads that Google creates dynamically to fit a wide range of ad slots across the internet.


To use responsive ads, the advertiser just needs to provide images, headlines, and logos Google uses to assemble the ads.

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