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Hire a Marketing Consultant to Help You Succeed


J. Walker Marketing offers one-on-one consulting because managing a business or a marketing team can be lonely.


You’re called on to coach, mentor, and support your team, and while you're making the trains run on time, the marketplace is changing around you. Plus, you need to plot a path to the future that will enable your organization to thrive. Sometimes you just need a guide to confide in. That's why J. Walker Marketing can act as your marketing consultant.

Part of marketing consulting is analytics. As a former digital marketing director, I've analyzed hundreds of marketing campaigns. I've spent weeks buried in Google Analytics, I can tell you a good bounce rate from a bad one, whether your click-through rate is strong, and what you should expect to pay for geo-fenced mobile advertising. Bottom line, I can tell you if your campaigns are working and how to make them work better.



Get an expert advisor to help you make good decisions, develop your team and improve the impact of marketing efforts. I've walked in your shoes as a business owner and marketing director. I can help.

Business Woman

Coaching & Training

Developing your team's marketing skills is the best way to make lasting improvements in marketing results. I offer customized one-on-one or group coaching and training.

Market Analysis


I can help you evaluate what's happening with your campaigns and what can be improved. This includes your website activity, marketing campaign performance, social media activity, and overall impacts. 

Want to see how J. Walker Marketing can help you?

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