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Does the word “Analytics” make you shudder?

Analytics: See Marketing Campaigns Work Better

As a former digital marketing director, I've analyzed hundreds of marketing campaigns, spent weeks buried in Google Analytics, and I can tell you, from memory, the average click through rate for a Google digital display campaign. Boring, right? Ok, but the bottom line is that I can help you understand how your campaigns are working and how they can work better.

A client once told me that my reports are so easy to understand that they canceled their monthly analytics meeting and instead just email around a link to my report. In a world where the word “analytics” makes people shudder, easy-to-read reports are a luxury. And that’s what I can deliver.

Sample Reports: These are some of the reports that clients value:

Website Performance: Does your website attract customers and deepen their interest in you?  This report tells you. Using Google Analytics to provide in-depth evaluation of website performance, you’ll see numbers of website users, where they came from, how long they stayed, what they looked at and how you can attract more of them.

Search Engine Optimization: Are you getting your share of website traffic from search engines? Using SEMRush, this report offers insight on how well your website is optimized to appear prominently on search engines when relevant search terms are entered. It also compares your site to competitors and then suggests improvements that will raise your search engine visibility.

Social Media Campaign Performance: This report often draws from Sprout Social which captures social media campaign performance. Beyond the data that Sprout provides, I add insights around content themes that draw interest, benchmarks to measure against, and suggestions about when to layer in paid social to boost reach and impact.

Digital Advertising Performance: If you’re paying to reach customers and drive traffic, then you need a detailed understanding of how well your advertising investment is working. Using data from Google Ads, or other ad platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or even third party media properties, I provide reporting on paid ad performance. Going beyond the numbers, I analyze trends, refer to benchmarks and recommend campaign improvements.

Marketing Audit: A client recently asked for a complete audit of their marketing activities, online and off. For this report I converted advertising costs and audience reach into a common denominator metric of cost-per-thousand. Then I compared all campaigns against that metric and offered insights on the relative value of each one. The result was a real understanding of cross-media campaign performance.


Sample Report: Website Performance for B2C Services Company 
This is one page from a report focused on website performance and SEO. It shows that organic traffic has increased significantly but that the average amount of time each visitor spent on the site decreased. This led to a robust discussion of the client’s content strategy.

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Experience, Expertise and Platforms

J. Walker Marketing offers Advanced Google Analytics Certification. Digital platforms commonly used in these services include:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Data Studio

  • Google Search Console

  • Sprout Social

  • Survey Monkey

  • SEMRush

Want to see how J. Walker Marketing can help you?

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